How to Make Illuminati Confirmed Videos on Mac

If you have never heard of an Illuminati Confirmed video, you are missing out. These videos are hilarious jokes that tie people to the Illuminati with wild and bogus connections to random things. I made one for a comedy project for my English class for my English teacher and I have to admit that it came out really well! . So if you have never seen an Illuminati Confirmed video here is my video!

Now it may not seem that complex but there are many components to the video. This video took me about 3 hours to make for less than one minutes of actual video, but I didn’t know how to make a video or didn’t know how to download the audio so I basically did all the research for you all! If you want to know how to make one of these, these are my instructions on how to make one on a Mac. First, You have to find a voice generator and use the Daniel Voice. I used this website because I was able to download the audio file on iTunes. The website is Online Tone Generator and I linked the website.

Voice generator

You type in what you want the voice to say in the box. Definitely begin with a little introduction of who you want to accuse. Connect random things like I did, but they can not be too absurd or not make sense. You should aim to connect the smallest things that are similar. (Example: 3 + 2= 5, Five guys serves Cajun Fries, Cajun people decent from France, etc). The hardest part of making the video is connecting the random things that eventually lead to the person being linked to the Illuminati. Highlight all the text after listening to it and making sure it is what you want. Next, control click the text box area and at the bottom it should say “Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track.” Click on that and the track should download to Tunes. Open iTunes and iMovie. Next, in iMovie, create a new project. In the new project, create black slides that you can type in. To make new slides, there is a small Upper Case T. Click on the T and choose which black slide you would like. I use the center one and highlight recommend it. After doing that, insert the audio file that you downloaded from the voice generator website. When entering iTunes, there is a Recently Added list and the file you are looking for is Speech to Text. You should be able to drag that file into the new project you made. Now here comes the fun and meticulous part. You will need to write in the words that you put into the voice generator and match the slide with the words. On the bottom left corner of each slide that you made there is a small settings button. Click on it and then click on clip adjustments.


Now you will have to manually sync the audio and each slide so that it is smooth and runs well. This part is easily the hardest and most frustrating because you may have to change the slide by tenths of a second to make it look amazing. Lastly, you may want to add the Illuminati Confirmed song or the X-Files theme song. What I did was download the MP3 using Youtube to MP3. All you have to do is find the X-Files theme song on youtube, grab the link, and put it in the website I just gave you.


It will then ask you to download it and if you download it, it will go into iTunes just like the speech to text did earlier. Just like you did earlier, drag the iTunes X-File theme song into your iMovie project and then place it where you want it and BOOOOOOM! Illuminati Confirmed

A Waste of Time

High schools teach us many valuable lessons throughout our long yet rapid years in it. As much as people say that high school changes us into adults, it doesn’t prepare us to be one. In many cases, high school students have to pick what they want to do and where they get to go to college before they can get up and leave to go to the bathroom without asking for permission. Lots of people are saying that the next generation is doomed, but the fact is that students are not prepared for the world when they get out of college. Students nowadays have to worry about so much that older generations did not have to. Older generations did not have nearly as much competition to get into colleges that high school graduates deal with today. Most college students now face the realization that they will most likely be paying for college years after they graduate, nothing

Why am I here? What’s the point of all of this? Who cares? These are some questions you might be asking yourself as you repeatedly check the clock at the back of your classroom every few minutes or so. Tick-tock-tick-tock, the hypnotizing sound you hear as it draws you closer to the verge of […]

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What is Weird?

I think it’s natural, but after some time it becomes to seem weird to me. My brain acts like a label maker and just labels things at my first impression of it. But at some point, I may think about it again and my impression will change. Everything in this world has the possibility of being weird, it is just how you look at it! Sometimes I just ponder that and try to think of things that can be weird. Like how would you think if you didn’t know a language? Obviously you would still have a conscience but I have always always always wondered that.  I also always wondered how the first person ever came up with words and decided to create a language. There is just so much weird out there. So much can’t be explained and it is incredible. We all know that animals act out of natural selection and they fend for themselves in some cases, but how does a caterpillar know when its going into its cocoon? Do they even know that they will become a butterfly or is it when they leave the cocoon, they say, “OH wow, I have wings and am totally different!” If I were a butterfly, I would be freaking out! It would be like waking up in a sleeping bag and seeing that you have a totally different body and have super powers.


So that brings me to my next point, is anything weird? Now that you are thinking about how weird a butterfly is, in reality it is not. Metamorphosis is not weird at all and is very natural! It is not weird because it is a natural process in the life of a caterpillar and probably evolved so they could strive in a different environment.  I hate when people call someone weird, but in a way everyone is weird and everyone is natural at the same time. Everyone has evolved just in their lifespan to endure life. So if being a little out of the box and special is what they need to be to get through life with ease and happiness, let them be instead of calling them weird. It has become such a norm to be normal, but people should strive to be different because being different is what gets you farther. How do you think humans evolved to be what they are now? A group of apes decided to turn right instead of left and had to live in a place where they had to use their hind legs to survive.

Will We Miss Anything?

Do you ever wonder what your life could have been if you had made one different choice?  I do all the time, but I never worry about the situations in which I made a mistake. Mistakes are how you grow and if you don’t make a mistake then you are not improving. There are so many things to worry about so dwelling on the past should not be one of them.

I also wonder about what we will miss in our small and short human lives! There is so much happening around us in terms of the universe and our planet. It takes thousands of years for a rock to become a grain of sand and in billions of years our continents will look different than how they do today. But obviously, there are amazing things that we have lived through, which generations in the future will be super jealous about. Who knows, maybe in 100 years people won’t be able to snowboard or ski because it doesn’t snow anymore. We have lived through the creation of electric cars and Y2K and 2012! We have seen the first African-American President of the United States and 9-11 and people will remember them for ages AND WE GOT TO LIVE THOUGH THEM. There is this awesome video by Vsauce, a YouTube channel, that explains what we will miss in the future and what we have been able to see that others won’t.

But don’t worry! We may be missing a lot out there in the universe and on our planet but we each individually have an amazing story to tell and will see things that only few people will see. That event may just be a person catching their phone between their legs or a crazy catch for a touchdown in football. The people around you will only live once also so in a way they are things that will happen only once and will never be seen again. Most things happen once in a life time, every single second is new and fresh. Every minute that goes by, a cool thing has happened! So look around and try to notice all the things that will never happen again.


(another one of my own gif creations)

Something New!

Here at Let’s Be Weird, I am always looking for new ways to be weird obviously, but also to be different! Recently, I was introduced to this site called GIPHY and I instantly fell in love with it. I made 3 gifs and then I MADE WAY MORE. I highly recommend checking out the website and making your own because it feels so good to make something new and refreshing! I also started an instagram account for my gifs but so far have only posted 2, waiting for me to get off my lazy butt to post this blog post about it. So here are some of my gifs and I hope you enjoy. There will be a lot more to come, trust me! xco7qezwabxrg



New Ways to Look at Slavery

We all know of old slavery, especially the slavery in America. We all cringe at the cruelty and the way the slaves in the South in America were treated, but now we must turn our attention to modern slavery. I will be covering the slavery in which you would not think would be types of slavery, but as my name states Let’s Be Weird.

The first type of slavery is occurring in the United Arab Emirates. Small children as young as 4 years old are used as camel jockeys. You MUST be asking how camel jockeying be a type of slavery, but let me drop some knowledge. These children work up to 18 hours in the scorching sun everyday training and because they can be so small they suffer from heat exhaustion much easier. The kids are under fed and given little nutrients so they do not grow and stay lean. They are also beaten and sexual abused. The most dangerous part of this slavery is the races themselves. During these fun races, the jockeys are Velcro’d to the camel because the ride is too rough, but still they fall off and can be severely injured.  If the camel is injured, the owners will usually punish the jockeys because they caused the injury.d3517f0e-bd4c-4f26-b6ba-a5ade03581c9-1020x680

The next type of slavery is Chocolate slavery. What!? HOW CAN THE CHOCOLATE INDUSTRIES BE A PART OF SLAVERY? CHOCOLATE IS SO GOOD!!! The chocolate industry is like the diamond industry where it is hard to find a product where slavery and corruption are not involved. Most slavery concerning chocolate occurs in Western Africa, primarily Ivory Coast. As the demand for chocolate went up, the search for cheap labor went up also and as an end product, child labor and slavery sprung up. Many small kids go to work because they want to help support their family, but many times after they never see their family again. Like Fredrick Douglas, once they become immersed in the culture of slavery, they never truly attach with their family. These children use chainsaws to clear the forest but some others climb the cocoa trees with dangerous knives. Some are inflicted by injuries caused by trying to cut off the pods which contain cocoa beans. Others are exposed to chemicals used to keep inserts away from the pods. The saddest and weirdest part is that there have been no attempts to get rid of this slavery. Some companies have boycotted those beans sellers, but so far that is the only step in any direction to cause some change.


I hope this helped you open your eyes to the weird ways in which people can be controlled and what new types of slavery are plaguing this world. Let’s Be Weird and fight this. Everyone has a right to be weird!!!

Colombia: Experience of a Lifetime

Going to a foreign country is always scary at first, especially if it’s a different language with different animals, plants, and customs than anything you have ever seen. Over winter break, I went to Colombia to visit family and spend Christmas and New Years in a different environment. My first impression of Colombia was quite crazy. On the way to the apartment where we were staying, we took taxis. My taxi driver was falling asleep while he was driving and almost killed us. I also realized how green the place was. It was weird being in a city that has 3 million people and to see more trees and plants than I see where i live. Also, I quickly realized that stop signs were just suggestions. Every car that I was in or saw ran through stop signs and limit lines like they didn’t exist. Half the vehicles on the roads are tiny motorcycles with very brave and courageous drivers. By that I mean, that they are very dangerous and everyday a motorcycle almost ran into the car I was in.colombiaFLAGname Even more strange, everyone in Colombia wears jeans. In 90 degree weather, they were donning jeans. So naturally, I stood out like a sore thumb in my shorts. The fruit there was amazing. I tried many new fruits such as a granadilla, guanabana, lulo, and maracuya. Also, the fruits we can get in the U.S. tasted 10x better. It was surprising to see how modern Medellin was then to drive 30 minutes out of the city to see rolling hills and mountains with houses that would cost millions of dollars spotting these hills. 

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We took a gondola up and over the city limits to a beautiful lookout point where you could see all the city. During the ride, it was surreal to see high rises with rich people then a minute later to see the poor houses of the city called barrios.IMG_0457 These barrio are like favelas in Brazil. The higher you go up on the mountains surrounding the city, the poorer the people got. I was listening to my aunt stating that these people steal electricity off the power lines and are in constant danger of landslides whenever it rains. I was there during the national championship game of soccer and the team from Medellin was playing in the final. The final was in the city and when Medellin won, the whole city erupted. Fireworks and parties popped up all over the city and screams stretched across the city limits. Even if the LA Lakers won the NBA Title, Los Angeles would not sound this alive. Colombia will be a place that I will never forget and will always remember the people I met. I hope to return in the near future and hope to see the city and place transform so I can experience even more the next time. 

Just a Little Rant

Do you know what my reaction was to the violent attacks on Paris? I was dumbfounded and jumped out of my seat. I asked myself, “What did the people of Paris do to deserve such an act of violence?” Somehow people believe that killing 130 innocent people in the City of Light will help them prove a point and create “safety.” The attack was apparently a warning to stop attacking ISIS. All they are doing is creating enemies that they do not want to mess with. I also don’t understand people who believe that everyone in the Middle East are part of ISIS. People believe that everyone is attached to ISIS, but that is far from the truth. ISIS is radical Islam and very different from what the rest of the Islamic world teaches. ISIS wants the caliphate to be in rule again. A caliphate is a government in which a caliph, a descendant of the prophet, to rule the entire Muslim community. They want the whole world to be a caliphate in which many of our ideas would be repressed and women would have close to no role in society. ISIS attacked stadiums, concerts, and theaters because they see these as large symbols of democracy and Western ideas which they hate. They want to world to return to the 7th century and ultimately bring about the apocalypse. Most Muslims do not want to change their life to go back to medieval ages. Just like Christianity, most Muslims follow a reformed Islam and do not follow any of the teachings from the past. ISIS follows the past teachings the most.  It is sickening to me to see such acts of violence because of a difference of ideas. BUT the United States have been not helping trying to create a healthier environment. They have been bombing that area for a long time now and that accounts for why the Middle East hates the West and Democracy so much. We have implemented a horrible image in their head that Democracy kills them because American armies have torn the countries apart because we want everyone to be free. So the people in the Middle East follow leaders who won’t hurt them and help them fight the “menace” to the west. The worst part of the attacks is that the attacks recruit even more crazy and radical people. The only reason for the caliphate is a place where muslims can live safely. Because more and more nations are attacking ISIS, the more reason for their is to be a caliphate and in turn more people are recruited by ISIS. Without us fighting, there would be no reason to have a caliphate. They also want us to not fight because they say that the terror attacks will continue to occur to tell people to not fight with them. Why do we keep fighting? The fighting will never stop if we do not change our approach to ISIS. Instead of trying to out muscle and fight them in their homeland, why don’t we say no and walk away, just like you were taught to do when being bullied. Why don’t we use the teaching we learn in Elementary school in our politics?prayforparis

The Time of my Life

Wanna hear a funny story? Well maybe it isn’t funny in the beginning, but it will seem SUPER ironic at the end, trust me.

Everyone has near death experiences, that is for certain, and usually people are scarred for life or avoid what got them close to dying forever. HOWEVER, I am not a normal human being(well in my opinion). I have had a near death experience, but it was when I was 3. You are probably exclaiming,” pshhh you were 3, you probably don’t remember it at all” That is a little true, but I do remember how I felt during and after the incident. I had my parents fill me in on the rest of the story. I don’t remember anything before, just the feelings of the event, being underwater, and the emotions directly after the event.

Alright, here comes the story. I was at a wedding, looking super cute in my little tuxedo for a 3 year old, however I would soon soak my pants. NOOOOOOO I DIDN’T PEE MY PANTS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I fell into a pool right by the reception. I could not swim at all. I fell directly to the bottom of the pool. I couldn’t get to the surface.  I remember the feeling of surprize as I hit the water and the feeling of hopelessness as I drifted to the bottom. I was down there for what seemed like a minute, but it was most likely 10 seconds, but definitely no less than 10 “Mississippi’s.” If it were less than 10 seconds, I would seem like such a big wimp and poser. Back to the story, 10 seconds gone by and I had no breath left because my 3 year old instincts told me to scream as I hit the water and let all my air out. THEN BOOM, bubbles appeared and out of nowhere hands grabbed me and pulled me to the top. Even before I reached the surface, I was weeping and crying. Naturally, I called for my mom right as I was lifted out of the pool. Yes,  I am a big moma’s boy. You got a problem with that?

There I am, tearing rolling down my pudgy cheeks, scared as heck, but worst of all, I RUINED MY CUTTTEEEE TUXEDO! I wanted nothing to do with water or pools for a while. I mean, who wouldn’t after that horrific event! Here comes the irony: i play water polo now. Until I was 7, I wanted nothing to do with large bodies of water. After the age of 8, I totally forgot about my fear as I began to worry about girls, sports, and school a lot more. One day, my dad asks me if I would like to go to a University of California, Irvine, water polo game. We went to one then two then three then four. I became interested in water polo and asked my parents if I could go play it. When I turned 9, I started to play water polo at a local club, not knowing that I would fall in love with the sport and meet some of my closest friends.

THE FIRST PRACTICE WAS HORRIBLE. I could not swim for the life of me. I had no idea why I couldn’t swim or the reason behind why I never learned to swim. I had totally pushed the “near death experience” to the back of my mind. When I was promoted to the A team at the club back when I was 12, my parents told the irony of this moment. They said,” It is incredible at how far you have come. For the longest time, you wouldn’t go swimming or go the beach because you were scarred. Now look at you, you still can’t swim at all, but you got the skillz to pay the billz.” That last sentence I added 🙂


I have gone from being afraid a single drop of water to swimming in millions of gallons of water everyday for hours at a time. I still have the worst swimming stroke in the pool because I never took swimming lessons and water polo doesn’t care about form at all. BUT don’t worry, I am a fast-ish swimmer in the water polo pool. My time playing water polo has been amazing.  I have gone from wanting to never go in water to winning tournaments and being on the Olympic Developmental National Team and one of the best left handed players in California. TAKE THAT LIFE, YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

Weight on your Shoulders

Sometimes the weight or stress on you will build up and you will crack. Everyone feels stress in one way or another, but many people just don’t know how to handle it. The best thing to do when you feel stress is to push through it until things lighten up. The worst thing you can do is to lay down and call it quits because things will only get worse. In school, if you are swamped by homework and sports, you need to persevere because at some point all the hard work will be worth it when you are satisfied with your grades and performances.Even if you aren’t the smartest or hardworking person out there, there is always a way you can succeed. 


Photo from bottled_void

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. You just have to find ways to cope with the stress, and after you get over the stress, you will succeed. The best way to get over stress is to find a fun way to complete challenges. Remember that emotional responses create stress inside the body. Stress is different for everyone because something that someone stresses about, may not affect another person at all. Obviously, there are things that all people stress about, whether it be homework, family troubles, relationships, and their future. Just take one step at a time and don’t think about future events. When you think about the future, you are loading more things onto your plate and your mind and emotions become clustered.

You have to be your own psychologist and determine what you can do to make yourself better. There are many ways to limit stress and make sure it doesn’t turn into depression. You have to make sure your body is getting the necessary nutrients to go through the process of living. Sugars are one of the worst things you can have while depressed because it hypes you up for a little, but your energy drops after some time. Always keep up on sleep, your mind and body need time to shut down from a day full of stress so if you don’t get the necessary sleep, your stress will build up and you will be cranky.  For me, the best way to get rid of stress is to go to the gym because it lets my mind only think about nothing or telling myself I can do it. It builds confidence in myself or possibly I don’t think about all that is on my plate for an hour or longer hopefully. You have to find an activity that helps you get your mind off your life every once in awhile. It can be whatever you want, make it weird.