How to Make Illuminati Confirmed Videos on Mac

If you have never heard of an Illuminati Confirmed video, you are missing out. These videos are hilarious jokes that tie people to the Illuminati with wild and bogus connections to random things. I made one for a comedy project for my English class for my English teacher and I have to admit that it came out really well! . So if you have never seen an Illuminati Confirmed video here is my video!

Now it may not seem that complex but there are many components to the video. This video took me about 3 hours to make for less than one minutes of actual video, but I didn’t know how to make a video or didn’t know how to download the audio so I basically did all the research for you all! If you want to know how to make one of these, these are my instructions on how to make one on a Mac. First, You have to find a voice generator and use the Daniel Voice. I used this website because I was able to download the audio file on iTunes. The website is Online Tone Generator and I linked the website.

Voice generator

You type in what you want the voice to say in the box. Definitely begin with a little introduction of who you want to accuse. Connect random things like I did, but they can not be too absurd or not make sense. You should aim to connect the smallest things that are similar. (Example: 3 + 2= 5, Five guys serves Cajun Fries, Cajun people decent from France, etc). The hardest part of making the video is connecting the random things that eventually lead to the person being linked to the Illuminati. Highlight all the text after listening to it and making sure it is what you want. Next, control click the text box area and at the bottom it should say “Add to iTunes as a Spoken Track.” Click on that and the track should download to Tunes. Open iTunes and iMovie. Next, in iMovie, create a new project. In the new project, create black slides that you can type in. To make new slides, there is a small Upper Case T. Click on the T and choose which black slide you would like. I use the center one and highlight recommend it. After doing that, insert the audio file that you downloaded from the voice generator website. When entering iTunes, there is a Recently Added list and the file you are looking for is Speech to Text. You should be able to drag that file into the new project you made. Now here comes the fun and meticulous part. You will need to write in the words that you put into the voice generator and match the slide with the words. On the bottom left corner of each slide that you made there is a small settings button. Click on it and then click on clip adjustments.


Now you will have to manually sync the audio and each slide so that it is smooth and runs well. This part is easily the hardest and most frustrating because you may have to change the slide by tenths of a second to make it look amazing. Lastly, you may want to add the Illuminati Confirmed song or the X-Files theme song. What I did was download the MP3 using Youtube to MP3. All you have to do is find the X-Files theme song on youtube, grab the link, and put it in the website I just gave you.


It will then ask you to download it and if you download it, it will go into iTunes just like the speech to text did earlier. Just like you did earlier, drag the iTunes X-File theme song into your iMovie project and then place it where you want it and BOOOOOOM! Illuminati Confirmed


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